“Family Fun with Art, Music, Kids & Dogs”

Keeping kids and families busy with productive activities during this Covid19 crisis can be challenging. At Top Dog, we understand that family time is precious, so we created a fun and rewarding activity the entire family can participate in.

Top Dog Country Club, a Minnesota-based company announces that Top Dog Sound Art, a division of Top Dog Country Club, is working with Sound Art USA to provide a paint kit and blank canvases containing state-of-the art Bluetooth speakers to dog-loving families nationwide.

Top Dog has exclusive access to a limited number of 16×20 blank canvases with a Bluetooth embedded speaker, normally selling for $149 (plus shipping) now offered for $119 (including shipping) plus a set of paints so you can start your project the moment you receive your order.

 “In the spirit of giving, Top Dog Country Club will donate 10% of the profits to Top Dog Foundation, Sound Art USA will donate one blank canvas painting kit to a Minnesota Children’s Hospital, for each of the first 100 canvas kits sold so that kids separated from family while receiving care can create and enjoy sound art all their own.

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